Hyper Racer keen to add to its ‘little band of brothers’

The team at Hyper Racer is looking for a recruit

The Hyper Racer chassis fabricator team are looking for a MIG [metal inert gas] welder to join their easygoing squad in a rural environment on the east side of Melbourne.

Jon Crooke has described his workplace as a tight family environment who are specifically looking for a MIG welder to join their team, and they are happy to train the right candidate up in other areas as well.

“I’ve worked in many different racing and Supercar teams, and so has my son has as well, and there’s a lot of pressure to finish by the deadline, there’s none of that; it’s a nine to five, it’s a very easygoing and casual job,” Crooke said.

“We’re just looking for an Aussie mate, with a nice attitude towards life.”

The small team, described as a “little band of brothers”, produce a few cars a month which are exported to the United Kingdom and soon to be distributed to the United States as well.

The cars they design are made to be in the top level of performance, at a fraction of the cost compared to even an S5000 car.

Crooke said his ideal candidate will be able to have a laugh with the rest of the team and does not necessarily need to be involved in the motorsport industry.

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