Motorsport Australia recruiting for key organisational role

Motorsport Australia is recruiting a motorsport events coordinator

A key role in the Australian motorsport landscape is currently up for grabs with the sport’s governing body.

Motorsport Australia is currently recruiting a motorsport events coordinator, a high-profile role that will have responsibilities with key stakeholders such as Supercars and Formula 1.

“It’s a key part of our motorsport events team helping on the administrative side of the event organisation,” explained Mike Smith, director of motorsport and commercial operations for Motorsport Australia.

“You can probably imagine, being motorsport we’re very rules and regulations [focused].

“So this role is fundamentally to ensure that all of our events are organised as they should be, in compliance with the regulations, and will act as secretary of the meeting at some of our key events, including Supercar events, and even the Grand Prix.”

The role will see the individual writing supplementary regulations, organising and coordinating officials, ensuring all events have the necessary equipment, and associated tasks.

It’s an opportunity then to become a key figure within the Australian scene, with Smith seeking a candidate who has knowledge of and passion for motorsport, and strong organisational skills.

“I think anyone that’s got experience and knows their way around a racetrack, that’s certainly going to be helpful, but also they need to have a level of strong organisational skills,” Smith said.

“By the nature of the job, you’ve got to be very, very strong organisationally.

“But also making sure that you’re a good people person as well. We’re after someone who represents our brand in the best possible way and also looks after our key resourcing officials and to do that they need to be a people person.”

Motorsport Australia has a strong reputation internationally, cultivated through events such as the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, with officials often working alongside the world governing body, the FIA, at other events internationally.

Working alongside that calibre of personnel, and the positive culture within the organisation, are key attractions in Smith’s eyes.

“Motorsport Australia’s got a terrific culture and we’ve got some wonderful people that work for us,” he reasoned.

“Also, the broader membership and our officials base, you get to work with some amazing people, but also experience some of the biggest and best events that we have in this country.

“The person who’s successful in this role will be at the forefront of that.

“They’ll be a real key into making sure that these events are a success, so we’re hopeful out there in the big wide world there are some great candidates to fit this role.”

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