New Global Supercross Championship looking to fill roles

SX Global is a new international sports event business that is about to take Supercross to the World

Ryan Sanderson and his colleagues are launching a brand-new FIM World Championship in the sport of Supercross, and they are looking to fill two very important roles within their sport.

This year, Supercross Global will launch a three- to four-round abridged championship, before launching their first true global Championship next year, which will span 11 or more rounds, across several continents around the world.

The first role SX Global are looking to fill is that of partnerships manager, who will be reporting to Sanderson.

“We’re looking for 10-15 years or more experience in commercial and sponsorship, and sporting experience as well,” Sanderson said.

“That role is positioned to help our global championship partners, as well as any event partners, in Australia and abroad, in the future.

“The role will be exposed to international sponsorship agencies, helping them with presentations and partnership inclusions, and once we secure those partnerships, we can grow and develop the relationships with partners respectively.”

Sanderson has said the ideal candidate will be experienced and professional.

Candidates are expected to be highly motivated, ambitious and have exceptional interpersonal skills.

“They need to present well, be enthusiastic and engaging, need to be able to lead a team, and they need to be able to develop really strong relationships with our partners.”

The second job going with SX Global is a ticketing and corporate hospitality manager, who will be reporting to the chief operating officer, Steve Rogers.

“The ticketing element is the most crucial, so we need someone with fantastic sporting and ticketing experience, ideally having worked in stadiums previously.”

They need to be able to build out a Supercross event, the scale and diversity of the ticketing categories as well as inclusions in each stadium, having incredible attention to detail.

Whether they have sporting or music event experience, the ideal candidate needs to be well-versed across Ticketek or Ticketmaster platforms.

Sanderson is excited to bring in new roles delivering the FIM Supercross World Championship like never before.

Both roles are based in Chevron Island on the Gold Coast.

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