Open-book approach for Corse Automotive

The Corse Automotive workshop

Corse Automotive is taking an open-book approach in finding new employees to join the business.

Based in the Western Sydney suburb of Arndell Park, Corse Automotive has advertised on for multiple vacant positions in its mechanical workshop.

Billed as ‘Sydney’s performance road car and motorsport specialist’, the business is offering full-time roles and hunting experienced tradespeople ready to join the team.

“Ideally, I’m just after some talented and experienced tradesmen who are great off the bat. If not, I would consider guys we can teach,” said business owner, Mick Mitchell.

“What I look for is passion and a level of mechanical talent; some of the best guys I have dealt with in the race car industry over the years were not motor mechanics, they were boat builders, plumbers or out of the printing industry for example.

“What they all had in common was a passion and a good mechanical mind…you can’t teach this; the rest is possible.

“Good tradesmen are so hard to find, I just want to see what comes up and we’ll play the ball from there.”

Applicants with experience and a background in automotive repair, aviation, sheet metal, auto electrical, welding, machining, printing machinery, panel beating or general mechanical engineering are encouraged to apply.

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“We cover a wide variety of work in the shop from vehicle servicing, all forms of performance upgrades, auto electrical, race car preparation, fabrication and machining,” he said.

“Depending on who comes along is the deciding factor on where I place them.”

The scope of work is packed with variety, however, successful applicants will work with an experienced team as part of a well-established business.

“I started the business back in 1992 so we’ve been going for nearly 30 years,” recounted Mick.

“My background started with Alfa Romeo, which evolved into working with Colin Bond where we were racing the Alfas and then the Ford Sierras.

“After this I started this business; initially we were focused on motorsport alone, which is where I was introduced to Porsche, which is a major part of our work today, however we’re not fixed to these cars only.

“We take on anything that’s interesting, we carry out a mix of race work, service, restorations and resto mod style builds.

“There’s nine of us in the business with a couple of contractors who I use as well, so we’re staying quite busy.”, a free service, has the features to put employment opportunities in front of the right audience with the skillset, experience and passion required to become valued and dedicated employees.

“I only came across recently and found other acquaintances and associates who I know who are using as a platform to advertise work,” added Mick.

“They’re all looking for the same kinds of people, hence I figured I should advertise on as well.

“I’ve tried other methods without success and feel targets the right people with a common interest in motorsport, which is great for the automotive industry.”

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