Supercars team hails service

Matt Stone has proven itself to be an invaluable employment placement platform with the likes of Super2 Series winning team, Matt Stone Racing using the service to help find the right people for its Supercars operation.

Matt Stone Racing has advertised a varied array of jobs with the team from engineers to commercial managers.

Through Jobstop, team owner, Matt Stone has found candidates from not just within Australia but also talented job seekers from overseas.

“Definitely the international reach on (Jobstop) seems quite good; we put out jobs to see what we can find in Australia and we quite often get reasonable applications from overseas,” said Stone.

Searching for the right candidate can be a time consuming and expensive experience, with hundreds of resumes to sort through and lengthy interviewing processes, but Jobstop can make sure you use your time effectively.

Stone finds that resumes sent through Jobstop match the criteria for their advertised position more than other job searching sites.

“I think hiring for motorsport you need to hire in the motorsport community. If you try it through something like Seek or your retail job application sites you tend to get a million applications that aren’t relevant. I found with Jobstop you get less applications but more relevant ones.”

Motorsport is a tough business with long hours, weekend work and the need for a special kind of dedication and passion. It is important to find not just the most skilled candidate but someone who can become part of the team.

“The biggest thing you’ve got to do is be involved and enjoy and like motorsport, and people who find their way in front of us so they can pitch themselves in person tend to have the most success in getting a job,” said Stone.

Stone also had the following advice for job seekers looking to get into the motorsport industry.

“You’ve got to be out there at motorsport events regardless of whether or not it’s your profession,” he added.

Jobstop has the features to put employment opportunities in front of the right audience with the skillset, experience and passion required to become valued and dedicated employees.

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