Team 18 on lookout for Data Engineer

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Team 18 is seeking a Data Engineer to join its ranks. Picture: Ross Gibb Photography

Team 18 is seeking a Data Engineer to join its Supercars outfit, ahead of the Gen3 era.

Holding a key role within the team, the Data Engineer will collect and analyse data at all events on the Supercars calendar, as well as at the squad’s Victorian base.

Key duties of the role include collecting relevant data to inform the decisions of the race engineer, collecting and analysing data from the race car for all events, ensuring all pre- and post-event data reports are useful and timely, report back on data analytics and likely race scenarios with the engineering team, and communicate with the driver to extract the best possible performance out of the car on track.

The team is looking for an experienced or aspiring candidate looking to take on the next career challenge.

The successful candidate will possess an engineering degree and analytical skills, with previous experience with a Supercars team environment preferred.

Critically, the team is looking for a candidate that will work on-site and will be prepared to live within travelling distance of the Mount Waverley headquarters.

Team 18 Manager Bruin Beasley said the data engineer plays a key role in the squad.

“We’re looking for someone to take over the role of data engineer and support race engineer, and help us win some races,” Beasley said.

“The role effectively is there to support the race engineer, work with the crew chief, as far as getting numbers, crunching numbers, and helping with strategy.

“Back in the workshop, the role will include radio preparation, as well as structural tasks before and after the event.”

Beasley said the team is currently going through a period of reformation.

“We’re trying to regroup a little bit and put a good group of people together,” he added.

“It’s a fun place to be, it’s a good place to be, it’s not a huge group, but we’re trying to put some youth in there and trying to get a good group of people together moving into Gen3.”

Beasley said it is an exciting time to join the team with the Gen3 era to commence next year.

“It’s exciting anytime you get a new generation car, we’re well into our build, we’ve got two chassis, a lot of components, and we’re pressing ahead,” he continued.

“It’s good to be a part of a new project, it’s exciting, we’ve got some really good staff, our drivers are locked in, we’ve got a really good core group, some really good drivers, as a place to work I think it’s pretty good.”

Ideally, the team will be looking to fill the role following the Valo Adelaide 500, which is set to be held from December 1-4.

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