Team 18 hunting for presentation perfection

Scott Pye’s 2022 challenger

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, ensuring your car stands out from the crowd is paramount.

Teams place an emphasis on presentation, not only ensuring they are seen in the best possible light, but so that their commercial partners are too.

To ensure peak presentation, teams employ signwriters, a dedicated role responsible for ensuring everything is aesthetically pristine.

“They’re in charge of wrapping the cars basically the start of each year,” explained John Moore, team manager at Team 18.

He oversees the running of Mark Winterbottom and Scott Pye, and is currently in the market for a signwriter to join the Melbourne-based operation.

“About 90 percent of the car is wrapped,” he said.

“We have our own in-house Roland printer and laminator.

“This role would include basically printing, cutting and then applying it the cars, and also keeping the maintenance to the car during the year if there is any damage or anything like that, that needs to be done.

“As we know, Charlie Schwerkolt is the owner and he’s a big, passionate fan,” Moore added.

“We’re really a family based team here at Team 18, and to have someone onboard to look after our cars and signwriting and things like that would definitely be a big bonus.”

It’s an opportunity to join a Supercars team at an exciting time in the sport, as it prepares to transfer to an all-new generation of car next year.

“Obviously with the Gen3 car in production at the moment, both the cars look amazing and then to apply our sponsors and everything on the cars, I think they they’re going to look really racey,” Moore said.

“To be part of it, I think it’s going to be really, really cool.”

To land the job with Team 18, the ideal candidate will have some experience when it comes to wrapping, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a motorsport background.

“We definitely want to have some experience with applying vinyl or some graphic design experience,” Moore explained.

“We’ve had a few applicants that we’ve had before that have wrapped road cars, or they’ve wrapped boats, or even just signage around for industrial buildings and things like that.

“Having someone with little bit of background of doing vehicles, or a little bit of graphic design – there’s also some of the equipment that we need to put signage on as well.

“A little bit of background of how to print and apply the product definitely helps.

“Attention to detail is very, very high,” he added of what he’s looking for in a candidate.

“Charlie likes to have everything pristine and looking after all our sponsors is our main key.

“[Ensuring] we rock up to the track with a pristine, nice sharp car with all our sponsors on there, and to give them the coverage over a race weekend, and also the pit garage equipment, the transporter, presentation is definitely very important.”

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