Tyreplus promotes licensee opportunities for retailers


Tyreplus is on the look out for talented automotive specialists and tyre retailers to join its extensive network

Tyreplus has opportunities for talented automotive specialists and tyre retailers to join its extensive network.

The nationally-recognised tyre retailer is recruiting for independent operators and or mechanical businesses to join its group of stores, as part of its ‘Join the Family’ campaign.

Currently, Tyreplus has 52 outlets in Australia and has aspirations to expand its footprint across the country.

While Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth have been identified as key growth areas, there are opportunities for retailers to become a Tyreplus licensee in other areas.

Retail Network Development Manager at Tyreplus Ian Dougherty said it is an exciting time to join the family.

“We’re on a recruitment drive to try and expand the size of the Tyreplus network and add more small businesses into our licensee programme,” Dougherty said.

“Our campaign is aimed specifically at independent or family-operated automotive and or tyre businesses who want to enjoy the benefits of being part of a national chain of retailers whilst maintaining their independence as a business.”

Dougherty added that there are many perks and benefits of being part of the Tyreplus network.

“There are obvious benefits for them in terms of buying power and marketing power,” he said.

“We have better-buying terms with Michelin, BFGoodrich, Repco, Castrol, Century Batteries and on top of that, we set up signage on the business which we don’t charge for, they also gain access to our full digital marketing suite as well, including Google products Facebook, website, Tyreplus e-mail address, there’s no joining fee and no ongoing fees, so there are plenty of benefits for a dealer to join the programme.

“The important part is that they retain ownership of their own business, which is the key to all that.”

For those that are interested in joining the Tyreplus network, Dougherty described it as a simple process.

“The process itself is simple, but for anybody with their own business wanting to sign it over to a national programme, there’s an element of due diligence that is required,” he explained.

“If you are interested in becoming a Tyreplus licensee, feel free to get in contact with me and I’d be happy to talk about your business, our model and see if we can fit the two together.”

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