What sets MR Tuning role apart

The MR Tuning workshop

MR Tuning and Mechanical is looking for a qualified automotive mechanic to join the business with a particular feature setting the role apart from most others.

A burgeoning component of the McElrea Holdings Group of companies, MR Tuning is the group’s retail workshop.

MR Tuning is a complete performance solutions provider for drivers and enthusiasts alike and has grown to a stage where it requires its own shop.

In 2014 the business acquired the 460sqm workshop next door to the race shop and started hiring talented staff members with the same attention to detail as their existing race mechanics.

Having established a strong team, led by manager of MR Tuning, Daniel Deighton, as well as workshop supervisor Adrian Furness and technician Daniel Lawler, they are now looking to expand.

Managing director of the McElrea group, Andy McElrea, says MR Tuning produces work to the same standards of the race team ensuring customers championship-winning quality.

“The variation of work is the most attractive thing,” McElrea told JobStop.com.

“The thing that makes most guys get burnt out in a job, whether it’s mechanical or other, is repetition and doing the same thing week after week.

“The variation of the work we’re going to get, from logbook servicing to high-end euro stuff, we’re even restoring a Formula 1 car at the moment and doing an EV conversion on a 1960s Mini.

“What we do is use all the same philosophies that Dano and all the guys have learnt from their years racing, particularly attention to detail, to give us the best outcomes for our customers.”

MR Tuning, based in Yatala, Queensland, has advertised the automotive mechanic position on JobStop.com.

According to the ad, the ideal candidate will be motivated, hardworking and focused on both customer service and teamwork, while relevant trade qualifications and experience is essential to the role.

“I’ve got an apprentice at the moment, I need another high quality guy,” said Deighton.

“If they’ve got euro experience that’s good, if they have motorsport experience that can work too.

“They’ve got to have some diagnostic skills coming in. Dan [Lawler] was the perfect example, he came through some little garages, did a bit of dealership stuff, he’s got a good sort of grounding in that dealership rule which is handy to have.

“When you get into that late model stuff they are pretty tricky.”

The variation of work MR Tuning has completed ranges far and wide between the best-of-the-best European brands as well as general servicing.

As a result the successful applicant will have the opportunity to grow within the business.

“We’re a one-size fits all workshop and there’s everything from lease work right up to high-performance stuff; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, all that end of town,” added Deighton.

“The variation of work for a guy is massive from servicing a trailer or Hilux ute to working on a Lamborghini.

“We do a lot of euro stuff, so Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche are the backbone of that side of it but we also do a lot of fleet-leasing through here with industrial stuff, there’s a lot of that sort of work as well.”

The close-knit nature of the team across all divisions of the business presents a friendly work environment, with Deighton and McElrea driving regular team-building activities.

“The family feel is something we’ve tried to cultivate from the beginning,” commented McElrea.

“We are one big family, the race team is the original business and MR Tuning stands alone and the MR Driver Development business also stands alone.

“What’s important is that when we have our monthly birthday shout or sausage sizzle on a Friday lunch time, it’s all the guys together.

“At the moment we’ve got a really good crew with great chemistry and both businesses can benefit from one another. It’s a good place to be.”

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