Industry leader looks to the future

One of Dyno Dynamics’ units in situ

A company in the suburbs of Melbourne is not only a global leader, but is helping shape the future of an industry, and is offering the opportunity to join its team.

Founded some three decades ago, Dyno Dynamics boasts to have the southernmost, and northernmost dynos on the planet. It’s an industry leader, and has cornered a strong position in the market throughout Asia.

Headed by Alan Evans, Dyno Dynamics designs, builds, sells, and supports dynamometers.

“They’re all Australian design and made the only thing that’s not Australian made is actually the retarders, which we get out of Spain,” Evans explained.

Evans and his wife bought the business a dozen years ago, and have continued to reinvest to develop and refine the products on offer.

They’ve sold more than 3000 units globally and, according to Evans, they’re “selling like hotcakes in Australia at the moment.”

It’s now on the lookout for someone who can help support their customers, and work with the research and development team as they develop the next generation of unit.

The current spec machine underwent 1600 hours of testing, and can simulate most anything from slipping clutches to towing a caravan up an incline.

Recently, they tested a vehicle with more than 1000 horsepower, and performed simulations where the boost went from five to 45 in short order – and then added some nitros for good measure.

“The lucky person gets to play with that sort of stuff,” Evans said.

The role requires a combination of skills; an ability to deal with customers, strong diagnostic skills, a good level of IT knowledge, and a passion for making things work properly.

“We introduced the digital models in 2006, and now 2021, the capabilities of the system’s far advanced.

“I’ve got an R&D team of about six people; software engineers, electronic, mechatronic, electrical, mechanical engineers, they’re constantly working to develop.

“The person will be working closely with them, because they need to pass on their knowledge.

“So they’ve got to have a good understanding and ability to absorb information like that, and be able to ask the right question of the very highly skilled, highly qualified, technical people.

“They’ve got to have a variety of trade skills; mechanical, auto elec or something like that, but also an interest in cars and dynos.

“They’ll learn how to build a dyno from the ground up, from the electronics, because we do all our own electronics menu construction here, and the dyno construction, so they’ll get a good ground when they’re going off.”

Evans has built a strong and successful business, with a number of staff boasting more than a decade with the operation.

It makes for an exciting opportunity to not only be part of a growing industry, but to help shape its future, too.