Rapid growth leaves ARG looking for staff

Australian Racing Group has three positions available

Rapid growth within the Australian Racing Group has seen the organisation head into the market for three new staff members.

ARG is one of the leading players in the Australian motorsport landscape, with assets such as TCR Australia, Australian GT, Touring Car Masters, Trans-Am, and others under its control.

Alongside category management, it has interest in events, most notably the Bathurst International.

With a small team working behind the scenes to manage a vast array of interests in the sport, the business has now reached a point where it is able to expand and leverage the economies of scale.

Currently there are three opportunities on offer; category manager, category administration manager, and operations manager.

“What we’re looking at doing is, effectively, taking some of the roles or responsibilities off the category managers to give them more freedom to get on with their job, and particularly around the category admin role,” explained Matt Braid.

“Up until now, the category manager has effectively been doing everything, from presenting to category teams, to holding meetings, to obviously handling the admin, to managing at the circuits at events.

“As we’ve grown so quickly, then obviously the amount of work, the workload, has gone up with that, at the category management side.

“So, effectively, both the category management side and the operations role are to take a little bit of the load off the category management positions that we’ve currently got.”

Braid describes ARG as an entrepreneurial organisation, with staff working with each other to lighten the load regardless of job descriptions.

“ARG is really down to its people,” he said.

“The way we’ve grown, and we’ve grown so fast, we couldn’t have done it if we didn’t have a passionate group of people who are very tight knit.

“All of us wear a lot of hats, we all chip in when needed, and I think that’s probably what people would see at the circuits and events where we’re racing.

“Having that culture in the team, being a small entrepreneurial team, that’s really provided benefit for us, and we want to maintain that forward.

“So, we do want to see the right candidates fill those roles, fit into that culture that we’ve established, because it’s served us well and we think it’s a good point of difference for us going forward, too.”

Braid suggests all three positions would offer a unique challenge.

“It’s a very dynamic industry,” he said of motorsport in general.

“Things are always changing, whether it be action on the track, to things like COVID, the role is always changing, the requirements of the role are changing.

“You have to react a lot to the environment, and also be proactive about it, but equally too, the role contributes to how the category is presented, and we do encourage anyone who’s associated with the categories in our business to bring their own view on things.

“The people, the candidates who would be successful in those roles can actually help shape the categories, going forward too, which is important.”

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