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Three Wolf cars run by Jam Motorsports

A job in motorsport can in many ways be a portal into something akin to an alternate universe.

An industry filled with hard-working high-achievers, it’s the ultimate measure of one’s abilities, and not just behind the wheel.

From drivers and engineers to team bosses and mechanics, motorsport is the ultimate meritocracy with the limit in the sport an individual’s own boundaries.

The two opportunities with Jam Motorsport then offer the perfect first step, offering the introduction into an industry which could afford the opportunities most can only dream of.

Based out of The Bend Motorsport Park, Jam Motorsport is an all-encompassing operation for the moment focused on the Australian Prototype Series.

It is the national importer of Wolf Racing Cars, but also boasts a shop front and is slowly expanding its operation into other areas.

The team is currently looking to hire two apprentice mechanics.

They’re entry level jobs, but everyone needs to start somewhere, and there’s plenty of scope to grow, develop, and contribute.

“We need two apprentices, and our thinking is the two apprentices will buddy up,” explained Courtney Tyler, team co-ordinator.

“We’ve qualified guys, so one [apprentice] will buddy up with our mechanical engineer, one more buddy up with our Porsche master tech.

“It’s like any apprenticeship obviously; they will come in, they’ll do all the apprentice jobs, sweep the floor, empty the bins, but during that they can probably progress a lot quicker because they’re shadowing our guys on a day-to-day basis, prepping a car, doing setup changes, pouring a seat, all that stuff.

“Basically, the apprentices can come in and they can choose which way they want to go,” Tyler added.

“They can go ‘actually, I want to be your engine rebuilder or engine builder, so yes, I’ll prep cars but I also want to specialise in that’.

“You can definitely specialise in that and then the other one might go ‘I want to do this but I want to specialise in electronics or I want to specialise in something else’.

“So yes, they’re doing their apprenticeship but we’re also going to give them the opportunity to specialise in something that they want to specialise in.”

The job will see the two apprentices travel with the team to events, where current restrictions allow, to circuits across the country.

Jam Motorsport is headed by Tyler and Aaron Steer, himself an accomplished prototype racer, and was founded about five years ago.

“Our main business is our customers racing the Australian Prototype Series, but we’re just moving into Porsche and rally support,” Tyler explained.

“And then we sell a prototype car that’s called a Wolf racing car.

“We’ve probably got about 20 in Australia, [and] we’ve got another one that’s just been ordered.

“We sell the car, we prep the car, and then we provide all the support on race weekend,” Tyler added.

“We provide driver tuition, we provide catering at the racetrack, and then on the back of that, last year we also created the Jam Motorsport shop.

“Basically, what we’re trying to do is people who want to go racing, they come to us, we fit them out with their suit, their helmet, they buy a car off us, [and] we manage everything.”

The operation even has a lease car available, meaning across its fleet and customer base there’s plenty to keep the business busy, and lots of experience and opportunities for any new apprentice.